How can I order custom designed BeerTAG® Bottle Markers?

If you would like to order custom designed BeerTAG® Bottle Markers for your business, a special event, or just for fun, please use our contact form, and we’ll be more than happy to provide you a quote. We'll even offer our design expertise for free on your first order!

Do I have to assemble the BeerTAG® Bottle Markers myself?

There is no assembly required for our BeerTAG® Bottle Markers. They are delivered in stacks, pre-assembled by our machined process.

Are the BeerTAG® Bottle Markers stackable?

Our BeerTAG® Bottle Markers are stackable for convenient storage, packing and shipping.

How are the BeerTAG® Bottle Markers made?

Our BeerTAG® Bottle Markers are first printed onto a water-resistant polyethylene (PE) coated paper. They are then die-cut and fed through an automated machine process, which forms the shape and seals the Bottle Marker together.

Are the BeerTAG® Bottle Markers recyclable?

Our Bottle Markers are made from same type of a paper as a paper drinking cup. While paper drinking cups are not easily recycled, the water-resistance gives the BeerTAG Bottle Marker a long shelf-life. It can be reused a multiple number of times in the on-premise environment, which reduces waste.

Are the BeerTAG® Bottle Markers water-resistant?

Our BeerTAG® Bottle Markers are made from a water-resistant polyethylene (PE) coated paper, and can be submerged under water without any print bleeding.

Are the BeerTAG® Bottle Markers reusable?

The water-resistant polyethylene (PE) coating makes our BeerTAG® Bottle Markers durable for multiple reuses.

What bottle sizes will the BeerTAG® Bottle Marker fit on?

Our BeerTAG® Bottle Markers are designed to fit over the most common U.S. domestic 12oz glass and 16oz plastic bottle necks, and will also accommodate a variety of other popular bottle sizes and shapes as well.

How does the BeerTAG® stay on the bottle?

The calculated shape and water-resistant polyethylene (PE) coating help our BeerTAG® Bottle Markers fit snuggly over the bottle neck, and stay firmly in place when the bottle is being titlted for consumption. Our Bottle Markers do not hinder the drinking experience in any way.


Where can I find BeerTAG® Bottle Markers at bars in my local area?

Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn when our Bottle Markers are available at drinking establishments in your area.

I'm a beer distributor. How can I execute a BeerTAG® promotion at one of my key on-premise accounts?

You can easily execute a BeerTAG® promotion on-premise by utilizing a marketing team to engage consumers, or by supplying Bottle Markers to the bar staff.

How will the bar staff use BeerTAG® Bottle Markers?

Bartenders and wait staff love the BeerTAG® Bottle Marker because it gives them something new and interesting to engage their customers with. It also helps them notice when a customer is ready for another beer, and makes them look like a champ, when a customer comes back from the bathroom or an outdoor smoke and forgets where they placed their beer.

I'm a bar owner. How can I get promotional BeerTAG® Bottle Markers at my bar?

Please contact your favorite beer distributor, and tell them you'd like to have sponsored Bottle Markers for your bar.

I'm a bar patron. How can I get BeerTAG® Bottle Markers at my favortie bar?

Please contact the bar manager or owner and let them know about BeerTAG®!

Is there a display stand or bar caddy available to store the Bottle Markers on the bar?

We have produced some manufactured prototypes of a new bar caddy to store and serve our Bottle Markers on-premise, and we hope to offer this companion product in the future.


Where can I purchase a retail package of my favorite BeerTAG® Bottle Marker designs?

BeerTAG® Bottle Markers are not currently available for retail. However, we do have plans in the future to make them available for purchase online. The popular Bottle Marker designs you see on our website are available for purchase on t-shirts in our BeerTAG® Apparel Store.

Can I design my own personalized BeerTAG® Bottle Markers online?

At this time, the option to make your own personalized BeerTAG® Bottle Marker online is unavailable. However, we have future plans to develop an application on our website to do so.


32% of beer drinkers in the United States either peel or tear the label off their bottle, just so they know it's theirs.*

An additional 46% place their bottle down in a specific spot, so nobody else drinks it by accident.*

*Market research data from United Sample Inc. & BEERTAG LLC (April 2010)


The BeerTAG® Bottle Marker is a sleeve that fits over the neck of a beer bottle to identify ownership. It's a tag for your beer.

Created in a variety of colors and designs, the BeerTAG® Bottle Marker is a simple solution for everyone. Don't confuse your beer anymore, TAG it!


The BeerTAG® Bottle Marker offers beer distributors a unique opportunity to promote their brands, directly onto a competitor's product, in the on-premise environment.